Third Window Films have truly made their mark within the world of Asian cinema during the past few years. Their choice in films has been superb, and they have balanced both the obscure along with the slightly more popular fair to create a releasing company worth keeping your eye upon.

In conjunction with the release of Tetsuya Nakashima’s latest film Confessions, the company will be re-releasing the director’s earlier, and very beloved, Memories of Matsuko on blu-ray. The blu-ray disc looks to be a true 1080 transfer with 5.1 surround sound with removable subtitles. The special features will be similar to the previous DVD release but will also feature some some additional features such as an interview with music composer Gabriele Roberto. The disc looks solid, and so does the movie, so this should certainly be on the buy-list for any Asian film junkie with a high definition set-up. It is available for pre-order right now via

If you’re not familiar with Memories of Matsuko, the plot synopsis via Third Window Films  is as follows:

When a bored college student learns that a long lost aunt has been found dead in a park, he begins piecing together her life to see if it had any value. What he finds is a revelation. Talented film director, Tetsuya Nakashima (“Kamikaze Girls” 04), wield a host of cinematic tools to make “Memories of MATSUKO” a memorably entertaining and emotionally powerful “fairytale tragedy,” weaving together realistic human drama with offbeat comedy and spectacular (Bob Fosse-like) production numbers to tell the heartbreaking story of Matsuko Kawajiri, a starry-eyed woman who spends her entire life serching for a worthy “prince” capable of returning her limitless love. Versatile actress, Miki Nakatani, renders a virtuosic performance in the lead role of Matsuko.

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‘Memories of Matsuko’ Blu-ray up for Pre-Order

To celebrate the release of ‘Confessions’, we will be releasing Tetsuya Nakashima’s earlier masterpiece ‘Memories of Matsuko‘ on blu-ray on Feb 14th, 2011. If you haven’t seen it before, check out the film which made it into Time Out’s ‘Film of the Year’ list in their ‘Best of the Year’ bumper issue a couple years back upon its theatrical release. 

The blu-ray release will feature a true 1080 transfer with 5.1 surround sound and  removable subtitles, plus will have a 30 minute ‘Making of’, storyboard to film comparison, exclusive interview with Gabriele Roberto – the award-winning composer of ‘Matsuko’, theatrical trailer and trailers of other Third Window releases. 

You can pre-order it now at