‘Sup Everybody! Back again, and with a new look too! This is one I am happy with for once! I started from scratch, photoshopped it and then learned myself how to do the basic coding for my own theme a voila! I made it look just the way it was visualized! There are still a few kinks I would like to work out, such as having the “Latest Reviews” bar to the right showing up by dates – but for the time being I’ll take what I can! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves! Have a wild one for you today, and the flick that everyone is talking about, Tokyo Gore Police! Check out the review and then check out this insane flick, tons of gore and enough weirdness to keep any film geek satisfied!

The Review: Who would expect a film titled “Tokyo Gore Police” would be taking off amongst horror fans in the US? Although I myself am a fan of the more gruesome side of the horror genre, truthfully many horror fans (and I’m speaking of hardcore fans as well who are equally as committed to the genre) usually don’t go ape-bananas over gore flicks. Few seem to break through that exploitation barrier. Most of the time they’re truthfully not even deserving of what little praise they probably get. It takes a pretty forgiving film fan to really get behind these projects, and I’ve learned that after reading the majority of reviews for “Girls Force of Competitive Swimmers” – a film that I found to be incredibly fun but that most found to be far too bizarre and downright stupid. Incredibly accurate descriptions, but those negatives are also part of the charm. Films like these, when the gore takes the front seat it becomes less a work of cinematic storytelling and more of a way for the filmmakers to simply push through doors and through taboos only if to say “look at what we can do!”. That isn’t to say Tokyo Gore Police doesn’t have an involving plot or that it’s simply all gore – but it’s certainly one of its defining characteristics.

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