Trailer Thursday

If you know me, you know that I am a fan of Japanese exploitation director Yasuharu Hasebe. He’s the man who brought the world the “violent pink” genre, and one of the key movies in this subgenre is Assault! Jack the Ripper. A very violent and experimental film, it may be one of Hasebe’s absolute best. This trailer reveals some key elements within the film, but it is so out of context that it won’t spoil things terribly. Once again, this is a title that has been reviewed on Varied Celluloid, so click on the poster art for the full review.

The Plot: Assault! Jack the Ripper tells the story of a young baker who makes cakes at a small restaurant where the latest waitress is giving the management trouble. She has a severe attitude problem and a great deal of arrogance that puts her at odds with all customers. On a rainy night she asks the baker to give her a ride home and along the way a young hitchhiker invites herself into their car. When the hitchhiker strips nude, rubs herself down with cake and then finds a knife resting in the back seat, these two are reasonably frightened. With the knife, this hitchhiker begins slicing into her own arm and presents herself as a threat. They shove the hitchhiker out of the car and take off as fast as they can, but accidentally end up dragging the young woman who then dies. They drive to an abandoned car lot and hide the body, but when they return back to the waitresses home… they both discover they are turned on by the fear and violence. After this night of passion, the young waitress wants more and she prods the baker into pursuing more victims so that they can continue their torrid love affair. However, the baker soon begins to grow a passion for the violence alone.