Trailer Thursday

Although it has been quite easy to forget Trailer Thursday, I managed to sneak this one in right before midnight. Although things have been slow here on Varied Celluloid, don’t get used to it. Currently, there are multiple reviews in the pipeline. The Girls From China, China Dolls, Raping!, The Viral Factor, and White Vengeance are all soon to be gracing the Varied Celluloid website. For now, take a look at a trailer for the 1973 blaxploitation classic Black Caesar, starring the immortal Fred “The Hammer” Williamson. It’s an amazing feature if you haven’t seen it already. If you’re looking for more information, click on the artwork below to read the very old review from Varied Celluloid!

The Plot: Tommy Gibbs is a rough and tumble kid who grows up on the rough streets of Harlem where he is persecuted by a older and quite-crooked police officer. After the cop tries to permanently injure Tommy, the young kid disappears for a few years only to come back as a strong young man – who also happens to be doing very well as a hired killer. After taking a few people out, Tommy teams with the local mafia. He works as a hired assassin, but being a two-bit killer for the mob isn’t all Tommy aspires to be. He has big plans that are going to take him right to the top of the New York underworld – and then some. With great power and corruption just around the corner, will Tommy be able to hold up to the stress and danger that his high risk lifestyle will bring him?