If you regularly follow Varied Celluloid, you will notice that this is a website that enjoys the sleaze. In fact, we love it. Like I always say, the gore the merrier! Well, actually, I don’t say that. I also sincerely hope that no one else says that either. Regardless, today we cast the spotlight on a gruesome and horrifying piece of Category III cinema. Ripped straight from the Hong Kong headlines, Dr. Lamb is one of the nastiest shockers to come out of Asia during the nineties. What film would be more prudent for Varied Celluloid to showcase during its first ever Trailer Thursday?

Indeed, this is the first of an ongoing series that will hopefully be upheld from now on. We all know that trailer updates are done on every blog on the internet, so why not Varied Celluloid? We will attempt to add more content within these trailer posts, but if nothing else this will serve as a neat reminder of some very interesting pieces of cinema.

Dr. Lamb has been covered here on Varied Celluloid in the past, and if you’re interested in reading more about it you can read the review right here. However, first you may want to take a look at the trailer and get a real appreciation for how dark and strange this movie truly is.

And here is a synopsis from our review which was written back in 2010. Give it a look and definitely check out this sordid movie, if your stomach can handle it.

The Plot: With a great number of recent missing persons, things are getting tense within the police department where Detective Lee (played by Danny Lee) works. After they receive a tip dealing with a photographer who has been dropping off photos of young women nude who look like they may be dead, the force jumps on it. They end up catching the brilliant, but utterly strange, Lam (Simon Yam) who refuses to talk about anything with them at first. Even in the face of torture he refuses to utter a word. After Lee turns his own family against him though, Lam feels completely alone and confesses to his crimes. What follows is a brutal and harrowing account of his victims and their final hours. Lam killed several women, all seemingly for the bland reason that they annoyed him. This is his story.