Trailer Thursday

Unfortunately, this is the only update VC has seen in a week! There are several reviews in the pipeline, but many are being saved for the upcoming Halloween Horrors movie marathon. For now, take a look at this awe-inspiring trailer for Sergio Martino’s The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail. A very impressive “whodoneit” from the Italian maestro, apparently the distributors were even more impressed with the film than I was. Watching this trailer, which is in full Italian, it seems that the voiceover looks to compare Martino with Sergei Eisenstein, Fritz Lang, and Luis Bunuel! Very high praise! Here’s the trailer in question, as well as a link to the Varied Celluloid review.

The Plot: Young trophy wife Mrs. Lisa Baumer (Ida Galli) is at home with her lover when her husband’s plane is blown up in the middle of the sky. When it becomes known that she will be the beneficiary of a one million lira insurance policy, she has several would-be pursuers turning up. A former flame, who is now addicted to drugs, approaches her and informs her that he has a letter from one year ago that will allude to her guilt in killing her husband. She agrees to pay him off for the letter, but when she turns up at his apartment in order to purchase the evidence, it seems that someone has broke in and killed him. The young wife immediately leaves for Greece, where her husband’s insurance firm’s head office is, in order to grab her money and run. After getting her money, all of it in cash, she prepares her things in order to start a new life. Unfortunately, she is soon murdered and the money is stolen. Before her death, the insurance agency had hired Peter Lynch (George Hilton) to keep an eye on Mrs. Baumer just in case there we a possibility of insurance fraud. After he discovers her death, Peter is soon wrapped up in the murder mystery surrounding the deaths of Mrs. Baumer, her former lover and her husband as well. The two questions that will puzzle the audience are who is behind all of these assassinations, and what will bring them to justice?