True Women For SaleChances are the name Herman Yau might not mean a whole lot to you right off. Which isn’t to say this director isn’t without his fans, but if I were to mention the films The Untold Story or Ebola Syndrome, you’d probably have a better idea if you follow horror/exploitation cinema. Two nasty little Cat III titles that have taken on a legacy of their own in the years since their release. However, Yau hasn’t abandoned cinema or anything like that. In fact, the man remains hard at work pumping out anywhere between 2-4 films a year. I haven’t kept up with his film-output as of recent, and Twitchfilm reminded me earlier this afternoon I might have made a mistake as they posted a review along with the trailer for the film. Although I don’t know what to make out of the trailer itself, it looks like Yau has been growing as a filmmaker so I’m betting this will be an interesting one.

Focusing on the stories of street walkers and the hardships of poverty, the feature has received high marks and I know I’ll watch just about anything featuring Anthony Wong. Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself.