Tucker & Dale vs Evil Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a title that has really been garnering a lot of steam within the horror communities as of late. Described as a Shaun of the Dead style parody genre-film taking on the “redneck in the woods” genre, the title seems like its going to be a lot of fun. If the buzz that has been going around is any indicator, this one should turn out to be a modern cult-classic.

Detailing what seems like the most improbable series of coincidences known to man, the plot revolves around two rednecks named Tucker and Dale who pick up a injured teen in the woods and take her back to their cabin in order to nurse her back to help. As her teenage friends watch from a distance, they assume that Tucker & Dale are rednecks in the same vein as the cast from Deliverance so the group of surly young adults hatch a plan to rescue their friend from captivity. Hilarity ensues as each member of this rescue squad accidentally kills themselves in highly outrageous fashion.

Picked up by (who else?) Magnet releasing, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil premieres on Magnolia On-Demand August 26th and in select theaters September 30th. A title that is sure to grab up a fair amount of attention, this is one that should entertain. If you’re still not sold, then check out the trailer following the break.