Whoa! Josh! An arthouse flick when you were on such a serious exploitation kick? Yeah, I know. I just thought we could use something a little different around here while I prepare my mind and body for A Very Kung Fu Christmas next month. We’ve got this early piece by Jean-Pierre Melville on tap today and I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s a very strong piece of film and a really sincere story. Be prepared however for my review for Yuen Biao’s Peacock King in the next couple of days, which I did not like as much.

The Plot: When a French UN deligate, Fevre-Berthier, goes missing the French Press Agency at the local embassy sends out a reporter to track down the missing deligate. True, there are better men on the police force looking for him no doubt but Moreau (played by director Jean-Pierre Melville himself!) knows the dirty underbelly of New York City like few others. With his photographer in toe (Delmas, played by Pierre Grasset, a decent sleuth in his own right but has some problems with his drinking) this reporter wanders out into the night searching for any clues to the whereabouts of this diplomat. He is told that the common belief is that Berthier is hold-up with one of his female acquaintances but there are at least three to go through. With this knowledge the men pay visit to any woman in Manhattan that may hold the key to finding this very important politician. Things aren’t so simple though, as the two are being followed by some mysterious person who hides away in their vehicle. Could there be foul play at foot and will this team of journalists hold to their integrity, to their greed or their decency when they find out the truth of this case?