Update For May 22nd


May 22, 2008

Wow, you mean this site ain’t completely dead yet? I know, I know, it has been like six months since the last update. Well, what has changed in my life? Not a whole lot. I write monthly for Rogue Cinema, I own my own business and unfortunately right now it is slow just like everyone is but that doesn’t mean that I get to lay up all day and do nothing. I wish. Anyway, just stay so busy and my personal computer became my work computer. However I’m not here to make all kinds of excuses, this is hard work and most realize this. Let’s just get to what I’ve been doing these past six months!

VC New Reviews


Invisible Target

Running On Karma



VC Old Reviews

Bubba Ho-Tep by TheSwampFox

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman by TheSwampFox

Hatchet For the Honeymoon by Prof. Aglaophotis





RC Articles

Cinema: Art, Commerce and Entertainment

Cracker Crazy

Deadwood Park

Ice From the Sun

Interview With Justin D. Hilliard

My Big Fat Homeless Berkley Movie & Another Big Fat Homeless Berkley Movie


Savage Harvest

Savage Harvest II: October Blood


She Was Asking For It

Silent Voyeur

Six Unheard of Flicks

Snuff Cinema: Perpetuating the Myth

The Severed Head Network

Trash Flicks For A Media Blitz

Wish I had enough time to sit there and write up manual summarys for all of that, but as you can tell that would take far more time than a lazy dork like myself can spare! Regardless, hope everybody digs the new treats, and find a couple of flicks that might surprise them. I’ll try and come back with those summaries later I promise!