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Updates From Rogue Cinema

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 30 - 2007

Herro Everyboday! Anyhoo, just added a few Rogue Cinema pieces I did for this month’s October issue. Check them out under the “Articles” section on the left, though I’m thinking about retitling that “Rogue Writings” or something – since a lot of those are going to be reviews too. Anyway, of the new stuff added: a rambling article about what I’ll supposedly be doing on Halloween night; basically just me writing a bunch of goofy stuff with the intention of being funny so that Duane can have another article to flesh out the magazine, hehe. Then there’s a review for the novel American Psycho which I liked quite a bit. The third is for two screeners I recieved from an independent filmmaker. Two shorts, Anesthesia and Repressions. Very interesting films to check out.

So I’m out of here for now people. Looking around for a web forum and will try to add one on sometime this week; as well as a few more older reviews from the “old” VC. Also going to be writing some fresh material; hopefully a review for Johnnie To’s The Mission shouldn’t be far off.


  • Belle Alabaster
    Hey pants, Glad to see VC back online. I liked your article on “American Psycho”. I was a big pussy and couldn’t finish the book. It was too graphic for me, though I think that says something for the quality of his writing – that it could affect me so much that I couldn’t continue reading it. A lesser writer wouldn’t have bothered me as much. I like the movie, even though lots bag it out, it’s good in a different way. And cos it’s not so violent, more of the humour is evident. Anyway, just thought I’d provide a link to the old VC (courtesy of the Internet archive way-back machine), for anyone who wants to read the old reviews. It takes ages to load, unfortunately: http://web.archive.org/web/20070308142909/http://www.variedcelluloid.com/
  • When Bateman starts having his fun with the power drill – even I started to get a little queezy! A great read though. As I pointed out in the article, Ellis just has a way to lay into his audience and reduce them to a mess of emotions. The mark of a great writer if I ever saw one! And all of the old VC reviews are on there way back, I just have to manually add them all in. It won’t be too long, so don’t worry 🙂




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