Hey everybody! For those who didn’t get to show up last night, I just wanted to post and say that the Varied Celluloid Log-In Theater gathering was a complete success. Very little in the way of hickups as far as the technology goes and several VC and IGN regulars showing up as well. All told there were between 9-12 of us during the program. Not really bad for an almost spur of the moment type gathering. We’ve been preparing for it, but haven’t truthfully hyped it up as much as we probably could. Seeing how smooth everything went though has inspired us to up the ante for the next event. I have some ideas as far as maybe some additional music videos or who knows, maybe we can even come up with something to give away as a form of promotion! Though I am notoriously cheap so don’t count on it!

The night started for us at roughly 6:30PM PST/8:30PM EST, with everyone showing up early and with our good friend Jon playing a groovy mix of cult film themes while we chatted and prepared. From there Jon went on camera and introduced everyone to the format, and let me tell you, the guy is so much better at presentation than I will ever be. He stepped up to the plate and really delivered as he went on to review Sogo Ishii’s Burst City and the cult classic Bio-Zombie. Following that we went on to watch the trailers for those films as well as Bad Taste and Braindead. When Jon was ready and the trailers were over, we went directly into the feature film. What a lot of fun that was too. Lots of silliness and debauchery as you would expect from a group of card carrying film nuts watching a film as outrageous as Braindead.

To quote Rupan’s recollection of the event, here are ten things you missed if you weren’t there:

1 – Pantsman’s undying love for Diana Penalver (the actress who plays Paquita in the movie)

2 – Abnormal Freak’s near encyclopedic knowledge of what’s been cut from the US cuts of the movie

3 – What color poo really is

4 – Why J&B scotch is different from JD scotch

5 – Skinny Puppy samples

6 – The only living person who has not seen Ricky Oh – The Story of Ricky (which we will definitely show in the future)

7 – The resurgence of sweater vests

8 – Unbearded Peter Jackson

9 – Tom Savini and Rick Baker: Separated at birth?

10 – How many Asian movies can rupan777 tenuously connect to Braindead

and last, but not least…………

11 – I STILL kick ass for the Lord.

Although, if I can throw out one more inside joke, I might would add:

12 – Browndead is the best movie never made

So, we all had a great time and I urge everyone to keep an eye directed towards VC as we’ll most definitely be having another one of these gatherings sometime soon. We just need to schedule it out, figure the movie – and see what kind of cool things we can do to make it an even more special event! Keep it locked in and if you have any recommendations for a next film, post them in the forums! If you haven’t registered, do so immediately!