Heya folks! If you haven’t been checking the forum, then you’ve been missing out – as we’ve been plotting and scheming as of recent. Frequent contributer Jon (Aka: Coffin Jon, aka: Rupan777 on the forum) approached me a while back about us getting together for a movie night as he had figured a good place to stream from. So, after everything was narrowed down, we’ve spent the past week and a half nailing out any bugs we might have had and we’re ready to announce our first open movie night!

What we’re doing is getting as many friends and readers as we possibly can and we’re going to stream a movie for all of us to enjoy and comment on. The date has been nailed down to Sunday, August 2nd at 7pm PST/10pm EST and our first film will be the European cut of Dead-Alive, AKA: Braindead. So bring your vomit buckets and your wit.

Check out the official stream below, which is playing a loop of trailers and various cult items while we’re not streaming live. Heck, it’s fun enough to watch by itself! Just click the “power” on and enjoy!

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