Hey everybody, if you’ve been following the forum or VCinema on twitter then you know we’ve been waiting until today to finally announce the winner of the contest we had at VCinema II. The rules were simple, just send an e-mail to the VCinema address with the name of the actor who plays Ricky from the film Ricky-Oh, and your name would then be put into a lottery. Coffin Jon then put up a pick of three DVD’s, between Takashi Miike’s Bodyguard Kiba, Ley Lines or the Kung Fu classic Five Deadly Venoms. Three excellent films, one choice, one winner – who could it be? Well, without any further delay, the winner of the e-mail draft:


The Biz is a regular on the forums who has a ton of film knowledge, so it couldn’t have been a nicer guy. We’ve contacted Steve and he’ll be the first winner in these VCinema giveaways. What an honor right! Well you could be next! Just show up to the events! The next one is scheduled now for September 27th, 5PM PST/8PM EST, with the subtitle of VCinema III: Happiness is a Warm Shogun, featuring the immortal Shogun Assassin. As always, it will be hosted by the brilliant Coffin Jon who will review some films, host some trailers and will provide a music megamix. This time I’m told we’ll be doing Pinky Violence music!

If you haven’t been to one of the events yet, just know that the whole thing is about having fun. More than just watching these movies. We believe in community here at VariedCelluloid and VCinema is much in the same vein as it’s all about likeminded individuals getting together and expressing themselves. We’re getting bigger and better responses with each outing and I’m just proud to be a part of it. Micah over at Reeldistraction.com posted a nice blurb about our previous event earlier this week:

When I got my first “real job,” I bought Meet The Feebles and this movie on VHS. Feebles because I’d read about it online, and this because I knew it was the movie that Craig Kilborne used an excerpt from on The Daily Show. I was just getting into “weird” movies back then, and remember being constantly amazed by how over-the-top everything in this film was. I’d never seen anything like it before.

I’m not sure if I ever watching Riki-Oh a second time, so when I found out on twitter that Varied Celluloid (http://www.variedcelluloid.net/) was hosting an online chat/webcast of this film, I decided to check it out. It was the first time I’d watched a movie online with a crowd, and I had a blast watching the film while talking to other film geeks. They put on a show at the end of every month, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Next month is Shogun Assassin.

Not much to say about the movie itself… it’s patently ridiculous… but a lot of gruesome fun.

So guys, what can I say, all genre fans are welcome and if you show up – you won’t regret it! See you on the 27th!