The latest episode of the VCinema podcast has been released, just in time to satiate your Asian Cinema demands! This episode features Dr. John Berra sitting in with us as we discuss the Japanese character study Tony Takitani. A very interesting listen if I do say so myself! We also do a mini review of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and I actually discuss the finer qualities of Cool As Ice! Here is the main press release, or you can just download it right now by clicking here:

In this episode, the VCinema boys are joined in the fourth chair by Dr. John Berra, a film scholar who has authored and edited books covering American Independent and Japanese cinema. Besides talking to us about these publications and a post that he has accepted abroad, John joins us in a discussion and review of Tony Takitani (2004, dir: Jun Ichikawa), a character study adapted from a short story by Haruki Murakami. Also included in this episode is an extended talk about Murakami, his style, works, films both inspired or adapted from his work including the upcoming Norwegian Wood (2010, dir: Anh Hung Tran), Hear the Wind Sing (1980, dir: Kazuki Omori), Starfish Hotel (2006, dir: John Williams), and more. Also included in this episode is discussion about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010, dir: Edgar Wright), Cool as Ice (1991, dir: David Kellogg), Punishment Park (1971, dir: Peter Watkins), One False Move (1992, dir: Carl Franklin), and more! Directly download this episode here.

Check it out and leave us some feedback ya’ll! We really appreciate it whenever we actually hear back from you guys. Remember, there are no dumb questions – just dumb answers, which I am more than likely able to provide!