There were times when it didn’t seem like we’d see this day, but it has finally arrived! The very first episode of the VCinema podcast featuring Coffin Jon and myself! Jon and I have been working on this idea off and one for quite a while now, but we decided to drive full fledge into it last month and now we’re talking about movies for your pleasurement! Hopefully it goes over well and you guys dig it. If so, please leave comments here or on the VCinema portal. Also, please write in or leave an .mp3 voicemail. We don’t care, as long as we hear from you! Here is Jon’s description for the podcast:

The maiden voyage of the VCinema podcast is ready to set sail into your eardrums! In this episode, we go over the VCinema statement of intent, review a perennial VCinema webcast film favorite (think episode two!), and debut “THE BLOCK”, a series of mini-segments: The Netflix Instant Watch, Show and Tell, and The Twitter Question. We were forced by the MPAA to edit out a planned segment called “Where am I hiding the pickle?” but perhaps that will appear in the Director’s Cut one day.