For our second episode, we (Josh and Coffin Jon) stamina up Japanese-style for a whopping two hours of madness and movie discussion. Takashi Miike’s semi-obscure Shinjuku Triad Society from 1995 gets the full-on featured review treatment this time around. We also discuss violence in Miike’s films, recommend some classics in our “Netflix Instant Watch” segment, decide with our Twitter community whether the yakuza or triads would win in an all out war, and explore the question “Why do we watch cult film?” in our new “Question of the Podcast” segment. We also debut “The Pretention Alert” which will surely be used in many episodes to come.


Shinjuku Triad Society (IMDb)
Ikiru (IMDb)
The Trial (IMDb)
The “YMDb”
Severed Cinema
Jake Adelstein
Stone Bridge Press Snowblood Apple
Midnight Eye
Dope Computer Music

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