deatheggdvdAhh, what a blast. For those of you who don’t know, VCinema is our monthly (every last Sunday of the month!) stream-show that features a chat for all of us here on the forum and twitter to get together and watch a movie at the same time and chat alongside it. The Secret Society meetings are those that we come up with on the fly with no real advertising outside of the forums and twitter. So we’ll be having them sporadically from here on out and tonight’s meet-up was our first attempt. Coffin Jon, our fearless host, had us guessing all weekend on just what the film he had chosen might be. Giving us a few clues via twitter, including “cluck, cluck, cluck”, a quote about “leather gloves” as well as a Django connection. Suffice to say we were all stumped but this evening we finally found the movie: Death Laid An Egg. The sixties giallo from the same experimental director who brought us the bizarro Django Kill!… If You Live, Shoot!

Now, if I had watched this in my own time in my room with the lights off – I think maybe I could have taken it seriously. Maybe. However, as it was with roughly 13 other genre fans all looking to have a good time it turned into an absolutely hilarious pairing. I’ve been to quite a few of these type of gatherings before, but I think tonight’s showing was possibly the funniest I have ever taken part in. With everyone just being dumbfounded by bizarre and illogical the main film was. As soon as we’d start to get used to what was going on in the movie, it would switch things up and go in some other oddball direction. After a while, we were all just asking one another what in the heck was going on. Some memorable moments from the show:

Apparently it’s completely impossible for wind to actually blow objects over! Who knew?

God help any poor soul who dares drive a CAR in front of Marco’s home.

You don’t even want to think about all the freaky stuff going on before the show featuring lotion.

Bag Man, the greatest superhero who never was. Unfortunately, ‘his superhero mask had a critical design flaw’

Special guest appearance from Dr. Herbert West!

Where oh where did the yellow spunk come from?


WHAT!? – Was echoed by every member in the chat after the strange and totally unsatisfying finale

So, I would like to thank everybody who was able to show and I sincerely hope you’ll all make it back for our regular show on September 27th at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00 Eastern when we will watch Shogun Assassin! Check a few posts down to see the lobby card and keep checking the forums as well as both the VCinema twitter page posted above as well as the VariedCelluloid twitter! We’ll see you on the 27th!