It’s no secret that your resident editor here at Varied Celluloid, yours truly, is co-host of the VCinema Podcast. We cover Asian cinema, from cult to the classics, and generally talk a whole lot of nonsense. However, despite our tomfoolery, our fearless leader Coffin Jon is occasionally handed some epic swag for us to hand over to our readers. As we prepare to celebrate our second anniversary, Jon has developed a spectacular little giveaway. Winners are capable of landing a copy of Takeshi Kitano’s Outrage (which received a favorable review here on Varied Celluloid), thirty day free access to several titles on or even a guest-hosting spot on the show where the lucky winner can choose what film we will cover! So, how does one win a chance at such awesomeness? It’s simple, write a haiku and e-mail it to the site! For all of the information and rules, head on over to the VcinemaShow website and read all about it!