Versus DVD Re-Release


May 17, 2009

VersusBack when it was first released, Versus was a massive thing in the horror community. Right up there with Audition, Ringu and Battle Royale it was one of the films that helped catapult many of us horror geeks into being full blown Japanese cinema addicts. Since then we’ve seen countless releases and with the growth in the Asian film market, many newer fans haven’t quite flocked to the film like I did back in those days. It’s a little silly, a little cheesy – but so much fun. You can’t get past the “cool” factor with Versus. It’s like Bad Taste meets The Matrix/Hard Boiled, just an excellent combo that I figured most every genre film geek could appreciate. Despite the detractors in recent years however, it’s still a fan favorite and Tokyo Shock knows this so of course they’re looking to make some more cash. Essentially it looks like a re-issue of their Versus: Ultimate Edition, but is apparently a shorter cut and doesn’t feature the tin and comes in a slim case. So, is it worth the double dip? Probably not, but for new fans to Asian cinema or even those who have been around but haven’t seen it – it’s definitely worth checking out. Features are listed as:

* Dolby Digital 5.1 Digital Surround
* Two Audio Commentaries
* Featurettes
* “Making Of” Documentaries
* Interviews
* Trailers
* “Nervous” (the side story mini-movie)
* More TBA

Available August 18th at select retailers.