Hey everybody! I’m back with a rather interesting one here! You’ve got a giant monkey-looking Frankenstein monster destroying Tokyo and brought to you by the man who created Godzilla! Hard to go wrong with that combination, right? Enjoy the love that is War of the Gargantuas!

The Plot: When a ship is attacked off the coast of Japan, one man is left to tell of what he saw. He claims that on the night his ship was destroyed, he saw a giant octopus like creature arise from the belly of the ocean. Although that in itself is weird, it gets even more strange! After the octopus arrived, a giant Frankenstein monster popped out of the water as well! The Frankenstein beast destroyed the octopus but then turned his eyes toward the ship. As this man and his crew escaped, Frankenstein began to chase after them and he proceeded to eat the remaining crew members fleeing for their life. We skip forward as the naval officers call on the help of Dr. Stewart, a western doctor based in Japan who helped create a Frankenstein-like creature. His monkey-like Frankenstein however was thought to have escaped to the mountains and could never have survived underneath the ocean. As the doctor goes in search of his Frankenstein, his young apprentice investigates this ocean creature. As it turns out, there are now two Frankenstein creatures! It seems that whenever this monkey-like Frankenstein loses a piece of his DNA through an attack, that piece of fur/flesh can grow into another beast! Now it seems Dr. Stewart and his crew will have to figure out a way to destroy this beast!