For those who frequent the site regularly, you may have noticed the slowdown in posts during the Summer. While the initial goal was to take the Summer to write many more reviews, due to my being out from school and having a bit of free time, but instead I ended up working on a different side project. That side project is Weird Cinema. This is a new webshow based around niche films and film markets. The idea is to take a lot of time for each episode in order to make it as thorough an well-crafted as is possible for a one-man team. That doesn’t mean Varied Celluloid is completely on the side, it just means that thins are progressing and things are expanding. There are more reviews written right now and are sure to be posted soon. However, for the time being, take a quick look at this first project in order to get a feel for what Weird Cinema is going to bring to the table.

This episode covers IFD Films and Arts along with Godfrey Ho and all of the “big” cast members who helped bring to life many of the crazy ninja movies that have been reviewed here on the site within recent months. Hope you enjoy it and I hope many can learn something about these crazy movies.