Seven full days since I last updated, sorry about that folks! I have some content, but this past week saw me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I promise to make it up to ya! For now, take a look at this review for the independent piece of surreal cinema known as Where the Dogs Divide Her!

The Plot: Where the Dogs Divide Her is an experimental film, not completely unlike Eraserhead or El Topo, where logic and narrative take a backseat for the experience of the purely visual and unleashed creativity. If there is a story, it focuses on Everard Fletcher (Jon Stoley) a young man tormented by a past he can not forget nor find forgiveness for. We watch as he stumbles through a bizarre world of violence and eccentricity that defines the term “surreal”. Will he awaken from this nightmarish world and find redemption, or will the darkness he finds himself imprisoned in slowly devour his soul?