What’s up everybody! Been a while, I know. Had a bit of a hectic month, but I’m here and I’m packing a review! Don’t quote me on it or anything, but look for another one in the next day or so as well. Still, we’re focusing on Wizard of Gore today. No, not the older film from H.G. Lewis (also reviewed here at Varied Celluloid) but the recent remake featuring the ever-awesome Crispin Glover. So pull up a chair and get to reading!

The Review After watching this remake of the original H.G. Lewis cult favorite, I decided to refresh my memory and read my previous review for the original film – which was written probably four years ago. It’s funny how memories change opinions, because I was sure that Wizard of Gore was one of the few Lewis flicks I generally liked – however, my words written when the film was fresh in mind helped remind me what was real and what was imagined (ooh! how apt of a description!). Wizard of Gore kind of epitomized Lewis’ filmic output. A revolving door plot that revisits sets, situations and characters over and over again simply to set up gory sequences of bloody horror – with some less than accomplished acting along the way. However, the films are usually goofy fun and a nice throwback to a previous era and good to check out just for nostalgic reasons, just my opinion mind you. However, the prospect of remaking the man’s films still hurts a little – even if I’m not the biggest Lewis fan. So, normally I would have been pretty apprehensive in approaching a Wizard of Gore remake, however one thing swayed my mind. Two words, four syllables: Crispin Glover. After seeing Crispin Glover in the lead as Montag, well, how could you NOT be interested in such a film?

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