Happy birthday America! It’s time to stand up, be proud and enjoy one of our greatest exports: the women-in-prison subgenre! Granted, these films are celebrated around the globe, but few do it quite as sleazy as the 70’s era Roger Corman produced titles made in the Philippines. Today we present a review for Women in Cages, which acts out on every promise that this genre makes – and then some!

The Plot: When young Carol Jeffries (Jennifer Gan), known as Jeff, is manipulated by her Filipino boyfriend Rudy into holding a large stash of heroine, she is set up for a very hard fall. She ends up sentenced to ten years hard time in a Filipino prison. Once inside she is accosted by the brash and conniving guards who are lead by the nefarious Chief Matron: Alabama (Pam Grier). She ends up making friends with some of the friendlier girls, but she still has much to contend with. She has the threat of being molested by Alabama but she also has her former flame, Rudy, on the outside trying to have her assassinated by some junkies that are currently locked up with her. Will innocent Carol ever make it out of this concrete hell or will she become just another statistic?