Hey everybody! I have a little something special for those who have kept up with the site for a while, our old friend Prof. Aglaophotis has made his return and contributed a review for a classic piece of Bruno Mattei sleaze known as Women’s Camp 119! Although I have not seen this particular Mattei film for myself, knowing the fun that I had with Women’s Prison Massacre – this looks like it could be a classic!

The Plot: It’s Poland during World War II. A group of female detainees from Ravensbrück are being escorted to a little-heard concentration camp called Rosenhausen. Once they arrive, the camp commander Major Franz Weiker MD tells the new arrivals that Rosenhausen is actually a front for testing bacteriological weapons and eugenic experiments in order to aide Hitler and The Third Reich. Wieker assigns one of the new arrivals, Dr. Maria Black, to assist him and his medical team on the various unethical experiments. Working alongside her is another prisoner, Dr. David Miesel, who is determined to escape the camp alive. The two must survive the dangers around them including the increasing insanity of Major Wieker.