Hah! And you thought it wouldn’t come! As I stated in my previous entry, I’ve lost my DVD of this flick but thanks to some searching over the internet I was able to steal some other screencaps off of a torrent (from CG, for those interested). I mean, they’re posting a copy of the movie – I doubt anyone will mind that I took their screen captures right? Anyway, this Bruno Mattei classic caught me off guard when I sat through it last month. Incredibly violent and surprisingly decent in terms of quality. It’s the best thing I’ve seen from Mattei thus far in my cinematic experience.

The Plot: Laura Gemser plays Emanuelle, a convict at a strict all female penitentiary, she’s a tough no nonsense kind of gal who runs things amongst the other prisoners. Recently though the powers that be have been trying to give Emanuelle a hard time in order to put their own choice in charge as the leader of the inmates. Emanuelle just keeps beating their puppet to the punch every time she decides to strike though. While this power struggle is in play, we have four male convicts who are placed inside the prison while waiting for their sentences to be handed down. These are the lowest of the low and some of the most violent criminals the world has ever seen, lead by the psychotic Crazy Boy. When these convicts are just about to be locked up, they make a power move and end up on the better side of a hostage situation. They hold the warden capture and intend to get out of this prison as well as the possibility of a death sentence. Will they escape and what will they do with the women?