Hey people! We’re back once again and this time with a new contributor for the site! Neil Mitchell shows off his writing chops as he takes on this classic piece of British science fiction which should grab your interest immediately once you read on about the alien impregnation! A real Varied Celluloid winner! Thanks to Neil and read on!

The Plot: In the garden of a country cottage young Tony is playing with his father and their pet dog when day suddenly turns to night and bright lights fill the sky. In the confusion Tony’s father Sam disappears, apparently abducted by aliens. Three years later Tony is still plagued by bad dreams about his father’s disappearance and is living with his mother, her new lover and their French nanny in London. His mother believes Tony imagined the incident and that Sam simply deserted the family. The spacecraft returns and an alien creature rapes and impregnates a hapless victim who then immediately gives birth to a fully grown Sam.
Sam returns to the family home claiming to have no memory of the past three years. He soon starts to exhibit strange behaviour and abnormal powers, which he passes on to Tony. When father and son unleash their deadly forces a far greater threat emerges from the chaos that could destroy all of their lives.