Toshiaki Toyoda
Toshiaki Toyoda
If you didn’t know that I’m a huge Toshiaki Toyoda fan, then you don’t know me. His films Pornostar (retitled Tokyo Rampage), 9 Souls, Hanging Garden and Blue Spring in particular are films that have completely and utterly changed my life. I know, hard to imagine, but Toyoda really opened my eyes to the power of film and he has really had an effect on my film intake with his small filmography. However, after being busted on a drug charge there has essentially been NO news on the man other than some music-theater work he did with a band a while back. This has lead to some speculation that he has been blacklisted in Japan, however true or untrue that may be, I’m simply glad to hear he is back at work with a new film to come in the fall. Indeed, the best cinematic news of the year in my book. You can read the Nippon Cinema copy here:

After four long years out of the movie industry, Toshiaki Toyoda is finally coming out with a new movie called Yomigaeri no Chi (literally “Blood of Resurrection”). Toyoda, director of “Blue Spring” and “9 Souls” got busted for posession of stimulants in September of 2005, jeopardizing the release of his film “Hanging Garden”. He was eventually convicted and ended up getting a 3-year suspended sentence of 2 years in prison.

The film is based on the famous kabuki legend of Oguri Hangan, who was said to have traveled to the holy land of Kumano to be resurrected after nearly dying from poison. Toyoda became acquainted with the legend last spring and had confidence that he could turn it into a movie, adding that he wants to show the strength of human vitality.

44-year-old musician Tatsuya Nakamura is set to star. Masao Kusakari, his daughter Mayuu Kusakari, Hirofumi Arai, and Toyoda favorite Itsuji Itao will also appear.

I can’t WAIT to see this flick, and if anyone knows where I can score a copy of UNCHAIN, please hit me up on the forums or in a comment!