The Rogue Reviewers

B-Movie Central – Duane is the man, and he runs Rogue Cinema, so he is deserving of a ton of respect and admiration. Show the man some props and check out his site!

Death by Cinema – You point me to a site that has a several thousand word page review for Spring Break Shark Attack; and I’ll call you a liar. Then if you make a site with one near the length, I doubt it’ll be as funny!

Shadow’s B-Movie Graveyard – Shadow goes back with the Rogues a bit now. His funny, in depth and great reviews are always entertaining and it’s fun to just dig through his archives to find what you’ll come up with. Shadow has some really great stuff, and a easy site to navigate!

Side Order of Ninjas – Danny is a really great and talented guy. His reviews are great and I hope to see him keeping up the good work for years to come!

B-Movie Film Vault – The Rogues were Jordan’s idea, and although he doesn’t really write for the magazine anymore, he’s still forever in our hearts and minds!

Bad Movie Guy – Great writer, great contributer and able to come up with a ton of great content. Guy is really great at what he does.

General Film Related Sites & Blogs

10,000 Bullets – Quite the nice site devoted to Asian cinema. News and reviews, check it out!

Achille’s Girl in Action Land – Sylvia is one of the most well informed and intelligent people I know when it comes to Hong Kong action cinema and her blog really delivers! An expert in classic Kung Fu, her blog is worth a daily visit for any HK film nut.

Asian Movie Web – Very nice Asian cinema review/news website with plenty of quality content! Their movie picks range from obscure to quality new releases, definitely worth looking at.

Assorted Loaf – The main man Pickleloaf guides you on a trip through genre that inevitably leads to the worlds of pro wrestling and monster movies! A great man and a great blog!

3 Beers Theater – One of the best bad movie pages out there.

Ain’t It Cool News – Hasn’t been getting updated as much as it used to, but still a good site.

And You Call Yourself A Scientist – A very fun and humorous site dedicated to B-Movies and general cult film.

Arrow in The Head – Great site with great reviews and a nice sense of humor

AV Maniacs – Easily one of the best spots to stop for highly obscure cinema! With a tremendous forum community full of a lot of really smart cats!

Bad – The mother of all bad movie web sites. Just the best, so entertaining and so packed full of information!

Bad Cinema Diary, The – Excellent bad movie page.

Bad Movie Planet – Really just a link to 3bt and a few more sites, but still quite handy.

Big Bad Drive-In – A solid and dedicated B-Movie film review website that features a very creative look at this genre. It also features a gorgeous design, as well. Definitely worth a look.

Boulevard Movies: Cult and Exploitation Films on DVD/Blu-ray – A mighty fine online store operating out of Toronto, Canada. They focus on cult classics, horror, exploitation, grindhouse and arthouse films on DVD and Blu-ray. High quality selection and wonderfully obscure!

CDJapan – One of the leading shops for Japanese cinema.

Choose DVD Rental – A neat little company from the UK who specializes in comparing DVD renatal companies! Should be useful for our UK friends!

CHUD – If it’s not on AICN, it’s usually on here. They’ve actually been doing better than aicn.

cineAWESOME! – My good friend and co-host Rufus, from the VCinema podcast has an excellent film site dedicated to all things obscure and cool!

CineBeats – One woman’s journey through cult and genre cinema, which she covers with class, style and elegance!

Cinema Fromage – A really great site with a diverse look at cinema and entertainment. As they say, they watch crap – so you don’t have to!

Cinema Suicide – Brilliant genre film review site with a pretty large and varied look cinema! Also covering the latest news on the coolest projects running!

Cinesploitation – As the title may suggest cinesploitation is dedicated to cult film and exploitation, which they cover with enthusiasm and a keen eye!

CineVue – A website dedicated to all things of interest to us film geeks!

Digital Retribution – An Australian site dedicated to cult and genre offerings with a special focus on DVD content and reviews!

Disc Dish – An excellent DVD and Bluray website with a lot of excellent original content!

EIGA | Asian Cinema – A website dedicated to the Asian realm, with an interest in all genres and a respect for cinema!

Daily Grind(House), The – Your one stop for your daily dose of Grindhouse blogging! A fantastic little blog that delivers views on an assortment of Grindhouse media!

Donnie Yen’s Official Site – Mr. Donnie Yen’s personal website, master martial artist and onscreen legend.

Doomed Moviethon – A website dedicated to the Moviethon! They take some time, watch film after film in rapid succession – then write about them! Unique and very fun website!

Cinemania NZ – New Zealand’s number one cult and genre film review website! Great reviews, great design – great site!

DVD Trash – Really great blog with DVD reviews/news for a wide variety of cult and trashy cinematic treasures!

Easter Film Fans – Awesome new Asian cinema film website with a focus on news and reviews!

Eccentric-Cinema – Great site dedicated to a wide variety of content and a massive amount of genres. Must read stuff!

Far East Films – Brilliant Asian film website with news, reviews and interviews you won’t find any place else!

Fifty Movie Pack Project, The – You’ve seen those 50 movie packs before. You probably own one or two of them! They are collections dedicated to the bizarre and forgotten world of public domain titles and now there is a website here to help guide you along in your search for the very best, and very worst, of these movies!

Fistful of DVDs, A – A site dedicated to the Spaghetti Western genre and its home on DVD and bluray! A very helpful website for fans of the genre!

Film Fiend, The – An excellent looking and content-full look at obscure and strange cinema. Very fun to read and a very well rounded website all around!

Giallo Fever – Easily one of the most knowledgeable resources for all things “Giallo”. A really incredible blog to go through!

Hell Horror – Reviews for Horror Movies, Books and Games plus News, Trailers/Videos and more

HK DVD Heaven – Great HK related DVD site.

HKFlix – Home place to a great variety of obscure Asian classics.

HKMDB – Hong Kong database, pretty extensive list of all things hk.

House of Horrors, The – Great Horror review site that has been around FOREVER. Helped actually point me in the right direction as a younger horror fan, back in the day!

IMDB – The number one movie site on the net. You already know this site though, I guarantee it.

I’m In A Jess Franco State of Mind – A blog dealing with Jess Franco as well as other Eurocult film fare! Really well written and an interesting read!

Jet Li’s Official Site – Jet Li’s personal website with all of his upcoming news and information.

John Woo, A God Among Directors – A John Woo tribute site with a lot of information on the director.

Kung Fu Cinema – Great site dedicated to kung fu films and Asian cinema.

Lost Highway’s B-Movie Reviews and Cult Films – Really great b-movie/cult film review site with an incredibly impressive design going for it.

Love HK Film – An excellent website dedicated to the world of Hong Kong cinema! Extremely knowledgeable base and a great place to look for news and information!

Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire – Tenebrous Kate! She’s a horror vixen and she’s highly opinionated! Check out her blog for horror tidbits and useful reviews!

Mondo Digital – Very cool genre film website with an emphasis on the strange, obscure and down right cool!

Moon in the Gutter – Random musings, closer looks at cinema and a really awesome blog design! Genuine and unique take on film!

Mothership5 – A mix of genres, this capsule movie review website also doubles as a database of comedic links. Fun stuff with a swift layout!

Mutant Reviewers From Hell – A very impressive film review site that covers cult films as well as anything else worth looking into.

New Korean Cinema – A really fantastic website for exploring the cinema of Korea. Well versed, knowledgeable and with a slick design to boot!

Night of the Creeps – Hilarious site, even though it’s dead, it shall forever be remembered for bringing me many laughs.

Nishikita Film Review – Cathy takes on some very obscure sections of Asian cinema and delivers very eloquently stated and thought provoking opinions!

Opposable Thumb Films – Great reviews, but even more important, David Hasselhoff gets referenced in every page!

Shaw Scope – A very nicely made tribute to the Shaw Bros., great site

Shaw Studios – Tribute site to the great Sb Studio.

Stomp Tokyo – Classic bad movie website. Great reviews, inventive layout and plenty of wit.

Super Good Movies – Your one stop shop for all Hindi-film related news! A well maintained website with lots of information for those of us who are outside of the loop!

Synergy-Magazine – An Australian print/web magazine that covers a wide variety of genres and topics related to the film world!

Tarantino Archives, The – The best and largest Tarantino site on the net.

Teleport City – Bad movies and more. Similar to this site in content, but much better than our sorry selves.

Unknown Movies Page, The – Brilliant site. In depth reviews, great wit and plenty of unknown films!

Upcoming Horror Movies – Excellent website for all the latest news on upcoming Horror projects and home to a really neat forum community!

WTF-Film – Neatly designed, cleverly written – a really outstanding film site!

Yes Asia – Yet another cool Asian cinema shop, check ‘er out fool.