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Posted by On July - 4 - 2008

Multimedia, this is a new section to the site. I had originally planned to have a section such as this for galleries of screenshots for the majority of reviews. However, back on the old server I didn’t really have the bandwidth or room but now that I’m on this server I at least have the ability. I had started this gallery process alright, but then figured a way to implement the galleries directly into the reviews themselves – so now, this is going to remain a section of the site focused on all forms of multimedia and anything cool I can cook up for you guys in photoshop – or anything any readers care to submit! If you have something, you can contact me a josh @ – only without the spaces, have to keep the spam out of my inbox!

Frankenhooker Wallpaper


Zombi 2 Wallpaper


Hardcore Wallpaper


Bullet Ballet Wallpaper





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