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Old Dirty Kung Fu

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Old Dirty Kung Fu (1979)
Director: Chien Yuet San
Starring: Cliff Lok, Simon Yuen, Chan Lung, and Lee Hoi San

The Plot: Lin is about to kill himself because his daughter is being forced to marry a rich aristocrat – and if he says no this proposed marriage, his whole family will be massacred. When Bamboo Stick (Simon Yuen) wanders upon him, he takes pity on the man and offers to help him get rid of the would-be suitor. So, Bamboo Stick’s awesome plan is to dress up like the girl, cover his face with a veil, and then marry the suitor in place of the girl. Yeah, this is literally his plan, and it almost works. When Bamboo Stick goes through with the wedding vows, the young husband freaks out to find that his young wife is truly a sixty year old bum. A fight ensues and the young man is accidentally killed. This sends the young man’s father (Lee Hoi San) into full blitzkrieg mode. Skip forward a bit and we find another young man (Chan Lung) who happens to be on the run from the law. This young man also happens to be the last student of Bamboo Stick, and he quickly teams up with a wandering martial artist (Cliff Lok) who claims that he is trying to create his own style of kung fu. Unfortunately, this young martial artist is hardly a kung fu practitioner, and it will be up to Bamboo Stick’s final student to try and make him into a solid fighter so that they may eventually take out the aristocratic lunatic who searches for Bamboo Stick.

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Killer Clans

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Killer Clans (1976)
Director: Chor Yuen
Writers: Ni Kuang
Starring: Fei Ai, Kwok Kuen Chan, Shen Chan, Dannie Lee, Ku Feng, Lo Lieh

The Plot: Swordsman Li Kuang is killed on a bridge during the introduction to our film. Almost immediately, we are introduced to a prostitute who happens to kill the men she sleeps with. We find that this lady of the night also happens to be in cahoots with the man who killed the famous Li Kuang. However, their dastardly plans are nowhere near completion. They intend to kill the prestigious Sun Yu (Ku Feng), and they also plan on killing anyone who stands in their way. This means that they will have to confront Sun Yu’s very skilled sons along the way. Sun Yu is protected by his nimble and acrobatic sons, as well as the many pupils that have aggregated around him. His sons and those who have been hired to help will do anything to stop these two. The group who seek to protect Sun Yu are gifted in multiple martial arts, and their abilities with diversified weapons makes them a force to be reckoned with. However, a war is coming and everyone involved will prove to be quite cunning.

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To Kill a Mastermind

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To Kill a Mastermind (1979)
Director: Sun Chung
Writers: Ni Kuang
Starring: Wang Lung Wei, Fei Ai, Tat-wah Cho, and Kin Ping Chow

The Plot: Our film begins by introducing us to a very special cabal of underground martial artists known as The Qisha Society. The leaders promoting this group of leather vested fighters are quite mad, and they lust after money most of all. In our introduction we see firsthand how horrifying this group can be, as they instantly decapitate some poor gent who was brought forth and basically used as fodder for a newly promoted group of psychopaths. Many members of this clan have special gimmicks that make them individually different from one another. One member has a circular saw blade that he wraps around his enemy’s head before yanking it clean off. Then there’s a second man who has giant brass rings up and down his arms. There is a master of blades in the group as well, but all of these individual “chiefs” pale in comparison to their hidden leader: The Mastermind. The Mastermind is the criminal genius who helps plan the Qisha society’s every move, but recently the locals have decided to rebel against them. In order to do this, the locals have united behind Lord Yang who has apparently instilled a double agent inside of the Qisha Society. As the clan comes to terms with the possibility that they have a rat within their core group, they find their loyalty quickly being tested. There is no honor amongst thieves, however, and there also appears to be very little loyalty.

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I Am Bruce Lee

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I Am Bruce Lee (2011)
Director: Pete McCormack
Starring: Bruce Lee, Linda Lee Cadwell, Shannon Lee, Teri Tom, Dana White, Jon Jones, and Kobe Bryant.

The Plot: Bruce Lee, a man who has in time become so legendary that opinions on him have become nearly mythical. Was he truly the greatest martial artist who has ever lived? Were his films the greatest action titles that were ever created? Opinions certainly vary on all questions related to this powerful man, and the cultural phenomena that is “Bruce Lee” is thoroughly examined during the course of this documentary: I Am Bruce Lee. A full length dissection of the man, his abilities, his story, and his legacy, I Am Bruce Lee does not intend to be an absolute biography of Lee, but instead it stands out as a loving tribute to his longevity and seemingly endless popularity.

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Kung Fu Instructor, The

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The Kung Fu Instructor (1979)
Director: Sun Chung
Writers: Ni Kuang
Starring: Ti Lung, Wang Yu, Ku Feng, and Wang Lung Wei

The Plot: The Kung Fu Instructor opens with an argument over a literal line within the street of a small town. On one side there is the Zhou clan, and on the other there is the Meng. It seems that whatever started this war between these two factions has been allowed to escalate for a long period of time. Things have become so serious that the Meng have taken to severing limbs off of any person who steps over to their side of the street. As you can maybe guess, the Meng clan have become quite brutal with this war. This evil clan eventually decides that they need an outsider to come in and properly train their troops so that they may finally destroy the Zhou. Wang Yang (Ti Lung), it turns out, is just the sort of master that the Meng clan seek. He is so honest and loyal that the Meng see him as being easy to manipulate. Even more valuable is the fact that Wang Yang is the sort of teacher who holds nothing back from his students. He teaches every aspect of his martial art – and he keeps no secrets. When the Meng set Yang up, and fool many into thinking that he is a killer, the instructor feels honored to be taken in by the Meng clan. As he begins to teach their troops, however, he finds out about their evil ways. When he meets a young Zhau student (played by Wang Yu) who is bullied and nearly killed by the Meng clan, he discovers that he may be teaching his art to the wrong people.

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