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One Armed Swordsmen

Posted by On December - 20 - 2012

One Armed Swordsmen (1976)
Director: David Chiang and Jimmy Wang Yu
Writers: Ku Lung
Starring: David Chiang, Jimmy Wang Yu, Lo Lieh, and Yi Chang

The Plot: This classic wuxia tale begins with a police officer being struck down and his arm being removed by a bandit, but during the battle he also lobs off the arm of his opponent. The police officer decides, despite losing his limb, to continue studying the martial arts, and does this by reading the one-armed swordsman style handbook that was left for him by a friend. As he begins his studying, he is once again attacked – but this time by a one-armed ninja! The black-hooded ninja kills off the older lawman, but unknown to the murderer, a young child was hidden in the room and saw the death of his master. So, with this established, we move to our main story which focuses on two men: Fong Ping (Jimmy Wang Yu) and Kao Shing (David Chiang). These two men are the most powerful one-armed martial artists around. Wah (Lo Lieh) suspects Fong Ping or Kao Shing as the culprit, but he is not fully convinced yet. As he follows these two around, we find that the lines between hero and villain can be quite blurred within this small world.

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Book of Heroes, A

Posted by On December - 19 - 2012

A Book of Heroes (1986)
Director: Chu Yen-Ping
Writers: Sit Hing-Kwok, Chu Yen-Ping
Starring: Elsa Yeung, Pauline Lan Hsin-Mei, Yukari Oshima, and Kurata Yasuaki

The Plot: A Book of Heroes begins, as many great films do, with a bar fight. We first meet one of our main protagonists, a fiery young wannabe policewoman (played by Pauline Lan Hsin-Mei), who tries her best to break up a heroin deal, but is stopped when the evil lawyer Chu steps in and saves his group of thugs. It turns out that Chu happens to work for our principal villain, Oshima Yamashita (played by Kurata Yasuaki). Our young wannabe policewoman ends up getting her cop boyfriend, Hu Pai, in trouble with his commander. It seems Hu Pai has been given 32 missions since joining the police force and so far he has not cracked a single case. His latest debacle has come from his inability to stop a group of gangsters who pulled off a massive gold heist right in front of him. Unknown to Hu Pai, this gold heist was directly overseen by the nefarious Oshima. At the same time that Hu Pai is being punished for his terrible policework, we are introduced to a pair of con-artists named David (David Tao) and Yang Shan Shan (Elsa Yeung). These two inevitably become embroiled in Oshima’s gold smuggling business when they become hip to a map that leads to the location of all the gold. So, now it seems to be up to this very awkward group of four, and one uninitiated gas station attendant who is picked up by David and Yang Shan Shan, to put an end to these evil smugglers! Unfortunately, to do that they will have to battle Oshima and his two powerful bodyguards. One of which is played by the lovely Yukari Oshima, who may be the toughest of them all… but she also holds a mystery that will eventually unfurl.

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We have some great news for Hong Kong film fans! Shout! Factory have announced that they are bringing two classic Jackie Chan titles to the home video market on January 15th, and they are doing it with style. Well known for their fantastic releases, any time Shout nabs the rights to a movie that I like, I do a happy dance. I am actually a big fan of Crime Story, so I am amped to see Shout Factory giving it the Bluray treatment. So, without further delay, here is the technical info:


Jackie Chan stars in one of his grittiest roles ever as a police detective on the edge, who must race against time to solve a deadly kidnapping case. Based on the shocking true story of a billionaire abducted in a bold ambush, and filled with explosive martial-arts battles, Crime Story pulses with tension and excitement. Director Kirk Wong (The Big Hit) deftly combines acrobatic fight choreography with edge-of-your-seat action for this thrilling and dramatic tour-de-force for Jackie Chan.


Written and directed by James Glickenhaus (The Exterminator), The Protector stars Jackie Chan and Danny Aiello (Do the Right Thing) as a pair of NYPD cops sent to Hong Kong to catch a drug lord who has kidnapped the daughter of his former associate. Also starring martial-arts star Moon Lee (Angel Force) and Roy Chiao (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), this thriller features Hollywood-styled action sprinkled with Chan’s death-defying stunts.


CRIME STORY / THE PROTECTOR Double Feature deluxe Blu-ray™
Crime Story: Interview With Director Kirk Wong, Deleted scenes, Theatrical Trailers
The Protector: From New York To Hong Kong – Interview With Director James Glickenhaus, Behind-The-Scenes Featurette, Theatrical Trailers and the Jackie Chan Cut Of The Protector With Additional Scenes Directed By Chan (In Cantonese with English Subtitles – Standard Definition)

Crime Story: Deleted scenes, Theatrical Trailers
The Protector: From New York To Hong Kong – Interview With Director James Glickenhaus, Theatrical Trailers




Posted by On October - 25 - 2012

Bedevilled (2010)
Director: Jang Cheol-soo
Writers: Choi Kwang-young
Starring: Seo Young-hee, Ji Sung-won, and Park Jeong-hak

The Plot: Bedevilled opens by showing two punks beat on a woman, and it turns out that these two goons actually beat the young girl to death. Hae-won (Ji Sung-won), who works at a loan office, just so happened to be the only witness to this crime. However, when the police drag her in to stand as a witness against these thugs, she repeats the fact that she didn’t see the faces of the attackers and thus cannot testify against these men. The two punks are released, and they aren’t very thankful for her allowing them to walk free. They immediately threaten and harass her. Hae-won returns to work, but finds herself having a war of words with one of her coworkers. After this incident, she is locked inside of a restroom stall in what appears to be a practical joke. Being filled with anger, Hae-won slaps the coworker who she was having problems with earlier, thinking that this person was responsible for the “joke,” but it turns out that it was all merely an accident due to a janitor jamming the door. Hae-won is relieved of her duties and takes an extended vacation. She returns to her home island, where nothing has really changed. While in town, she visits with her former best friend, Kim Bok-nam (Seo Young-hee), but finds that this good friend is in a great deal of trouble. Her husband is abusive and repeatedly cheats on her in their own home. As Bok-nam is pressed further and further, this poor abused woman finds out an even darker secret hiding right under her nose. She is pushed and pushed until she seems to be heading towards a mental breaking point.

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Exorcist III, The

Posted by On October - 2 - 2012

The Exorcist III (1990)
Director: William Peter Blatty
Writers: William Peter Blatty
Starring: George C. Scott, Brad Douriff, Jason Miller, and Ed Flanders.

The Plot: George C. Scott plays detective Bill Kinderman, a man who is a bit on the cranky side but is easily one of the very best men on the force. He was at one time great friends with priest Damien Karras, the man who helped perform the exorcism in the original The Exorcist, and now every year on the date of Karras’ death, Kinderman meets up with another one of Karras’ friends, Father Dyer (Ed Flanders). These two have a very special relationship, and while they console each other on this day of memorial, the pair have no idea that they will soon be confronted with their former friend’s death all over again. It seems that there is a copycat murderer who leaves all of the same hidden markings of “The Gemini Killer,” an infamous serial killer from the area, and he is killing off anyone who is related to the original exorcism. As Kinderman begins to investigate further, he finds that this road may lead him to some uncomfortable revelations about the fate of his former friend.

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